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We provide independent professional valuation reports for your classic.
Use it for everything from an appraisal when buying or selling to probate to divorce to import / export valuations. Just
don't lose out on what you're entitled to.


Not generic crap. Each report is custom-generated and personalised for you

For us, it's simple: we should be proud of each report that's sent out. No stone or source left unturned. If more research is needed, more research will be done. 


Not reliant on one person. But our unique database from 20 years and our team

Our pitch isn't "John has 20 years experience". It's our 20 years of sales with every detail in our database + our own experience. Try recalling all that data, John

100% money back guarantee. Not happy? Get your money right back

We believe a good job is worth paying for. But we don't believe in ripping people off. That's why our reports are good value and have a money back guarantee

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Colin Shirkton

1993 Porsche 964 Carrera 2


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PDF & Digital Book
PDF & Digital Book
Bound Book & PDF
Model Specific History
All Comparable Sales Analysed
Market Values by Condition
Model's Price Trend Over Time
Tailored Valuation
The Classic Car Market's History (In-Depth Analysis)
The Classic Car Market's Future (In-Depth Analysis)
Beautiful Coffee Table Book
Agreed Values?
NOVA Valuations?
Legal Proceedings?
Insurance Claims?
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