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Auctions with added The Classic Valuer analysis

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Auctions without added The Classic Valuer analysis

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What does this mean?

Auctions with added The Classic Valuer analysis

To create these pages, some auction houses provide us direct feeds of what vehicles they've consigned for their upcoming auctions.

Where this happens, we can display those lots on The Classic Valuer directly but more importantly, provide you even more insights about each lot. 

Is that price a world record? Perhaps it's in the top 10% of prices?

Is that vehicles a rare find?

How does this vehicle's price trend look?

How does it compare to recent sales?

All those questions are more can be answered when we have the feeds.

We're continually working with auction houses to add more feeds to provide you more value.

Auctions without added The Classic Valuer analysis

Where we're working to get feeds of upcoming auction lots from all auction houses but haven't yet got them from an auction house, we'll still show you the headline details of the auction.

We'll then link you through to the auctions website to view further details.

You won't get all the additional Classic Valuer analysis like you do where we have the feeds though.

Rest assured, we're working to get you as many feeds as possible, ASAP.

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