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The Classic Valuer wants to solve the most important car problems for you.

That's why this page exists.

Let us know how we can improve. Vote on existing ideas or suggest new ones!

Include upcoming auctions

As well as having sold results on the site, can you flag the upcoming auctions

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Follow a model and get email notifications

Every time a car sells / is coming up for sale I want to get an email

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Track my collection value

I want to save all the cars I've got into a virtual garage and get monthly updates on the overall collection value / highlight relevant sales

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Show best market to sell my car in

If I'm looking to sell my car can you show me the best country / auction to sell a car of that type

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Online valuation

Taking into account information provided to you by the owner of each individual car to be valued

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Market overview

Provide a market overview section highlighting headline statistics on price, volume etc

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Make an app foer motor match

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Filters for values

Always show mileage in summary boxes (which appear at the bottom of the page) and allow to filter by RHD or LHD

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