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The XK Effect? It's Not A Good One

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

XK120 Price Trend (Blue Line). Credit: The Classic Valuer
XK120 Price Trend (Blue Line). Credit: The Classic Valuer

What's going on here?

XK120s are down 29% since their 2019 highs (the blue dotted line is the regression price trend).

Tell me more

This trend isn't isolated to the XK120, it spreads across the XK range. The XK150 is down 26% since the highs of late 2018 too. We're seeing this trend across multiple vehicles from the 50s, 60s and 70s, the XK range is by no means the only example. This is a broader trend in the market.

Why should I care?

We always say you should buy with your heart and a pinch of data. As long as you're buying something you love first and foremost than price is a secondary concern. That said, no one likes losing money - and if you're looking to make a purchase for the long term buyers need to be strategic with where they place their money. There are still appreciating classics out there from that period and with The Classic Valuer it's possible to find them.


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