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Here's Why This MG Midget TC Rose 134% In 8 Months

MG Midget TC Price Rise

What's going on here?

This MG Midget TC sold twice in 8 months, but the price was 134% higher the second time. Why?

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This car was legendary US racer Phil Hill's first race-winning car and that's a key driver to why it sold for such a different price despite being only 8 months apart. Bonhams Cars Online sold this car in January 2023 for £61,480 including commission. Gooding & Co sold the car in August 2023 and smashed through that price selling it for $179,200 (£143,774) at Pebble Beach. So, a 134% return in 8 months. Why? What changed? It shows how a few positioning tweaks can radically alter the price of a vehicle. So, what can we learn? 3 key things changed to trigger this price difference.

  1. This car was shipped from the UK to the US - thus appealing to the natural market for a Phil Hill car.

  2. The Phil Hill element was originally in the final line of the final paragraph in the Bonhams advert. It was brought to the forefront with the Gooding & Co lot description clearly stating it is an ex-Phil Hill car in the heading. Far easier to pique the interest of prospective purchasers.

  3. And finally, shifting the car from an online auction in the UK and, instead, consigning the car at a live auction on one of the biggest stages in the classic car world at Pebble Beach helped propel the price further north.

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