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FEATURE: Introducing

TCV Score Page

🚨 Hey, err… we have an announcement

👀 Have you ever seen a car and thought I have no idea what that is or how much it’s worth?

❓ How great would it be if you could take a photo of that car, identify it and know the price all from a photo

📣 Now you can. we’re delighted to share with you all

🤝 It’s our new, improved and rebranded groundbreaking tool

💰 And it’s available today for free, for a limited time, go check it out now at


Does it work off the number plate?

Nope, it’s purely on the visuals of the car

So I can take a photo of part of a car and it’ll identify it?

Yep, it’ll do its best

How accurate is it?

83% of times it gets the right car

Does it work on modern cars?

It’s built for collector cars (both classic and supercars) rather than your more standard modern stuff but it will get some of your everyday cars

Is there an app in the works?

Maybe, just maybe 😉

What are the values based on?

It’s all based on data from The Classic Valuer we’ll show you every public sale of that model previously along with the average prices and record prices you need to know. To be clear, it’s not valuing that specific car with consideration to history, provenance etc but rather the model more broadly

Why the name?

It’s like photograph but with motor in front, we dropped the r because startup

Anything else?

Yep, you can offset your driving emissions with Net-Hero and you can get insurance from the tool with Footman James

📱 So what’re you waiting for?

Try it out at and let us know your thoughts (and if you wanted to share with a friend we’d love you)

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