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ANALYSIS: Bring On The Cheap 250s

Price Trend For Ferrari 250s
Price Trend For Ferrari 250s

What's going on here?

Artcurial sold a Ferrari 250 SWB and a 250 LWB California Spider at their recent Monaco auction.

Both cars delivered well under estimate, indeed, they were both the lowest public sale prices for their respective models in over 10 years.

That got us thinking, what does the data tell us is happening in the 250 Ferrari market?

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First things first, excuses could be made for those cars in isolation - particularly the SWB which was involved in a tragic accident in 2020.

We're focusing bigger picture here though: the whole 250 market.

We've compiled every public sale of all 35 variants of the famed 250 series cars that we track values for to show what's going on at present.

Using a polynomial regression model over the top, we can see the trend of 250 prices.

And, well, it was all going swimmingly.

20 years ago, average values stood at £267,000.

They rose and rose all the way to £2,180,000 in 2020.

That's a 716% rise.

As the saying goes: what goes up, must come down.

And the saying has born true on this occasion.

The model shows prices today standing at £1,820,000.

That's a fall of 16% from its peak only four years ago.

I'm holding out for the cheap 250 SWBs to live my dream.

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