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ANALYSIS: This Car Has Risen In Value More Than A McLaren F1

What's going on here?

While the McLaren F1 is one of the poster children of remarkable price rises in recent years. There's one car flying under the radar that tops even the F1s rise.

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Wind the clock back to 2010 and you could pick up a 'regular' McLaren F1 for the princely sum of £2,500,000.

The most recent 'regular' F1 to sell was in 2021 for £14.6m, prices have risen since so let's say values are in the region of £17,000,000 today.

That's a c. 600% price rise.


But, not as strong as this car. 

Let's see if you can guess what it is.

In 2010, you could pick one up for c. £110,000.

Today, most examples sell just north of £1,000,000.

That's an 850% price rise far exceeding the price rise of the F1 in relative terms.

Another clue: only 50 were planned, but 53 ended up being produced.

Final clue: they were produced between 1990 and 1992.

Any guesses?

The answer: the Jaguar XJR-15.

The XJR-15 and McLaren F1 actually share a lot of similarities. Here are two.

The Jaguar led the way as the first road-going car to be built entirely of carbon and kevlar composites. The F1 used similar techniques shortly after in 1992.

Famed designer, Peter Stevens, designed the body of the XJR-15. He then went on to co-design the F1 alongside Gordon Murray.


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