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Analysis: F355's Firing

Updated: Jul 5

What's going on here?

The Ferrari F355 is firing. Prices across all variants are up 75% in 5 years

Tell me more

Over 11,000 rolled off the production line - it was the most produced Ferrari in history at the time.

Prices were fairly flat pre 2018, but despite being produced in volume prices have picked up since. In 2018, a F355 (all variants) would set you back £55,439 on average, today that figure stands at £97,536.

The model was available in 3 road-going forms: Berlinetta, GTS and Spider. GTS' and Berlinetta's today command higher premiums than the Spiders.

Why should I care

The F355 was produced in the mid-late 90s, a sector we're seeing continually increasing price growth year-on-year. This price rise is unlikely to be the end of the journey as people who saw this car growing up acquire the means to purchase one (and likely push prices further north in the process).

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