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ANALYSIS: Are Ferrari's Worth More In Red?

Updated: 2 days ago

1995 Ferrari F50 | Source: Broad Arrow
1995 Ferrari F50 | Source: Broad Arrow
Key Takeaways
  • Re-sale red isn't the most valuable colour

  • It doesn't even make the top 5

Rosso corsa. Resale red. It's the easy choice.

For years, when a customer was sat down in front of the configurator speccing up their newest Ferrari, one of the first thoughts is: "what bloody colour do I have this thing in?"

After a bit of thinking, they'll either go down one of two routes.

The first route is the one where they pick a hue because they love it, and don't give a hoot if the next owner does.

The second route is the one where they're thinking about the resale value down the road.

After a bit of deliberation, and a moment of considering blu pozzi, they've stuck to the classic Ferrari red of rosso corsa. Otherwise known as resale red. They're hoping this keeps the value and market for their car as great as it can be. In fairness, some people just love the colour though.

So, we've done the number crunching to answer the question: are Ferrari's really worth more in red?

We analysed every single Ferrari sold in our database between 2022 and today, focusing on cars built pre-2000 to see what colour Ferrari's produce the highest prices.

Resale red is certainly the most popular colour with over half (54%) of all Ferrari's selling to have sold in red. The second and third most popular colours were black and blue, both on 11%.

Fascinatingly though, resale red, is not all that good for resale.

The median price of a red Ferrari (based on the criteria outlined above) is £106,213.

For a non-red Ferrari, the median price stands 6% higher at £112,948.

Digging the next-level down, it shows that a red Ferrari doesn't even make it into the top 5 most valuable colours.

In fact, it places as the 8th most valuable colour...

So, what tops the pile?

Well, in third place, surprisingly is maroon with a price of £239,009.

In second place, is gold / bronze with a price of £247,018.

And topping the list, is a colour so good it has Instagram accounts dedicated to it, it's a colour that has a price that's 70% above that of its second place rival. Topping the list of the most valuable Ferrari colours coming in with a median price of £421,805 is green.

Of course, underlying this data is a large variation of models and other factors (including sample size) influencing the price so it's not an exact science but maybe next time you're sat at a configurator speccing up your car, pick a colour because you love it not because you think the next person will.

As the famous saying goes, colours make cars.

The full list of colours and prices are below:

  1. Green - £421,805

  2. Gold / Bronze - £247,018

  3. Maroon - £239,009

  4. White - £143,682

  5. Silver - £141,183

  6. Blue - £139,516

  7. Brown - £108,101

  8. Red - £106,213

  9. Yellow - £88,318

  10. Black - £85,000

  11. Grey - £64,177

If your eyes are drawn towards the lower end of that list for more affordable Ferrari's, our friends at Retrolista have you covered with their list of the cheapest Ferrari models.

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