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Barn Find: A Barn Find of 230 Cars... In A Church

Updated: Jul 10

What's going on here?

Warning: This is 18+ content. One of the largest barn find collections in recent history has been uncovered in the Netherlands

Tell me more

Imagine turning up to your Sunday service and sitting by the pulpit is not the priest but 230 classic cars. Well, this is the site that would have greeted you should you have opened the right church door in the Netherlands.

The collection is owner by a Dutch businessman and stored across a Church and two warehouses. The businessman kept a low profile and the existence of the collection only came to light last year when the fire brigade were called to one of the warehouses to stop the cars going up in flames.

There are some crackers sitting inside including a 300 S Mercedes and a Lancia Aurelia Spider (pictured above). See a video tour here.

Extensive recommissioning required when the cars come to auction with Classic Car Auctions in the Netherlands.

Why should I care?

The heart can often rule the head. Don't be surprised if you see prices being paid well over what a decent one in running order is worth. Flash your memory back to May 2022 when Bonhams sold a basket case XK150 DHC for £90,000. More of the same inbound.

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