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5 Cars You Really Should've Bought A Few Years Ago

It's not uncommon in the collector car world to see the same chassis come to auction multiple times, this guide will run you through the cars that have sold so far this year that have delivered the biggest return compared to when they last sold.

Here are 5 cars had you bought a few years ago you'd be sitting prettier now.

Note: cars are selected based on either price rise in % of £ terms. Any gains stated are exclusive of sellers fees.

1972 Ferrari Dino 246 GTS (Chassis: 08512)

This was one of the last Dino's built and in Chairs and Flares form in unrestored, original condition it smashed through its estimate of $600,000 - $700,000 to sell (inc. commission) for $967,500 (£785,199) in March 2023.

It was sold previously by Gooding & Co back in August 2018 for $528,000 (£401,959).

That's a 83% (in USD) or 89% (in GBP) price rise over 4 and a half years.

1963 Chevrolet Corvette Split-Window (Chassis: 30837S107269)

11 months later in July 2023 it sold with Bring a Trailer and had doubled its price. The car sold for $270,000 (£216,623) including commission.

That's a $143,000 price rise in 11 months. Quite an impressive 113% return in USD and 106% return in GBP.

1969 Volkswagen Bus (Chassis: 229138758)

The classic VW camper. I remember my parents looking to buy one of these c. 2010 but they were starting to rise in price so they became out of reach. Anyway, story time over.

Bring a Trailer listed this car in March 2020 where it reached a high bid of $18,500. Had it sold and including commission that would have taken the price to $19,425 (£15,717).

That's a 153% price rise in under 4 years - a compound growth rate of 26.4%.

1966 Ford F100 Pickup (Chassis: F11YK862191)

The 1966 F100 was offered by Bring a Trailer in August 2020, it reached a high bid of $21,500 (£17,192). There would have been a 5% buyers premium on top had it sold - that takes the price to £18,052.

In July 2023, Mecum offered the same car but this time it sold for $71,500 (£57,365). That's a whopping 216% (in USD) or 218% (in GBP) above what it reached less than 3 years earlier.

2006 Lamborghini Murcielago (Chassis: ZHWBU16M16LA01785)

Bring a Trailer were behind both of these sales, yet the price delta was rather large.

They then sold the car for a second time in August 2023, a year and a half later. That $255,000 sale price had now catapulted to $469,000 (£376,282) including commission.

Comparing those two prices, it had increased by $214,000 or 84% (in USD) and 104% (in GBP).

So there we have it, 5 cars you could have bought a few years ago and delivered a very healthy return on.

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