1965 Ford Mustang Shelby 350 GT-R Specification FIA Race Car

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The details of this Ford Mustang

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Silverstone Auctions - The Spring Sale 2012


16th May 2012


1965 Ford Mustang Shelby 350 GT-R Specification FIA Race Car








€ 75,070



1965 Ford Mustang Shelby 350 GT-R Specification FIA Race Car

The Ford Mustang caught the public’s imagination in a big way when it arrived on the scene in 1964. It was ‘all things to all men’… there were a variety of engines ranging from the rather puny 110 bhp 2.8 litre straight six, up to the raucous, brutal 250-350 bhp V8’s. The customer could choose a coupe, fastback, or convertible and then mate it with a manual or auto gearboxe. He could then go on and add even more ‘extras’. So whatever your budget there was a Mustang for you. Ford had really hit the jackpot with the Mustang and found they had a massive hit on their hands. So much so that it became one of the fastest selling cars ever with 2 million units sold in the first 4 and half years. It didn’t take long for the racing fraternity to spot the potential and a mass of ‘bolt on’ go faster goodies quickly became available.
Carroll Shelby sadly died on May 10th 2012 aged 89. This one time chicken farmer, champion race car driver, racing team owner, automobile manufacturer, automotive consultant, safari tour operator, raconteur, chili entrepreneur and philanthropist, was a remarkable man and his name will always be linked to both the AC Cobra and of course the Fastback Ford Mustang. Shelby was a serious racing driver in US, the list of cars he drove, his impressive list of wins and the teams he drove for, all demand great respect. He raced for the last time in December 1960, he retired having won that year's USAC Championship. In 1961 he heard that AC Cars in UK needed engines for their wild Cobras so Shelby formed an alliance between AC, himself and Ford and by February that year a Ford 221 cubic inch small block engine appeared in a Cobra. Everybody was impressed! The racing history of the Shelby Cobras was remarkable, so it came as no great surprise when in 1964 Ford asked Shelby to develop a ‘High Performance’ Mustang Fastback for promotional purposes. By September 1964 The Shelby Mustang GT350 was up and running. The GT-350R racing version followed soon after and they went on to win the SCCA production car championship three times in a row from 1965 to 1967
The car we have here at today’s auction is a 1965 Ford Mustang fastback that has been converted to Shelby GT350 R specification. In 1991 it was transformed in to an ‘R’ specification race car for use in long distance racing and serious road rallies.
The car is fitted with a 289 ci 4.7 litre V8 engine built to 1965 FIA race specification with a custom aluminum radiator, electric fan and oil cooler. The gearbox is a 4 speed close ratio Ford 'Top Loader' and is fitted with a Hurst shifter.
The running gear of this Shelby Mustang has been uprated with strengthened suspension, larger front uprights, Koni Shock absorbers along with tough 31 spline axles that we believe to be of the tough Moser variety and of course it has the inevitable ‘Detroit Locker differential’. The Detroit Locker is still recognized as being one of the most durable and dependable locking differentials available.
The brakes have been improved by fitting Brembo discs on the front and larger vented rear brake drums. The fitment of Aeroquip hoses has also further improved the braking along with a titanium heat shield and twin master cylinders. There is also a bias adjuster added into the braking system.
Looking after the wellbeing of the driver is a full 6 point roll cage, plus a 6 point Sabelt Race harness and a mandatory plumbed-in fire extinguisher. The fuel tank is aluminium, foam filled and baffled. It holds 130 litres so is ideal for long distance racing. To handle all this fuel and there are twin fuel pumps and a fuel cooling system has also been added. The car has been rewired with a FIA approved battery cut off and has had the fuse box and relays fitted inside the glove box. This is a useful bonus for long distance rallying.
This is a fantastic example of one of the most powerful and iconic ‘Pony Cars' ever built. Carroll Shelby may no longer be with us but he will always be remembered for his involvement with cars like this. It has been maintained regardless of cost and has only been raced three times by the current owner. The vendor tells us that it has all the correct FIA papers as is ready to race subject to any changes that may be required to keep it up to date with current FIA technical requirements. It is eligible for many historic series and has competed in the FIA pre 66 GT Championship, Gentleman Drivers, Masters Series, Nürburgring Marathon, Spa 6 Hours and also the popular ‘Tour Auto'.



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