1926 Fiat 507 Torpedo Tourer

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Historics - Brooklands Museum 1st September 2012 Sale


1st Sep 2012


1926 Fiat 507 Torpedo Tourer








€ 27,463


4,610 miles

1926 Fiat 507 Torpedo Tourer

The first FIAT (FIAT being an acronym for Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino), was rolled out from the factory sometime in 1901. Engineered by talented C. & Ceirano Ltd employee Aristide Faccioli, the coach-looking car was powered by a two cylinder archaic Boxer 3hp engine. The management of FIAT then approached Faccioli to develop a front-engined vehicle. Faccioli's response was not the expected one: he resigned. Naturally, a replacement was sought and in the blink of an eye one was found. Enrico Marchesi took on the job and within one year he presented a new 1.2 litre, four cylinder model developed with technology borrowed from Mercedes-Benz. As time went by, the company gained in popularity and although it was becoming bigger by the day, it still hadn't exited its lengthy development and research stages. After many try outs using four and six cylinder models, FIAT was ready to reveal its first mass-produced car; the 1912 'Tipo Zero'. Post WW1 would bring Fiat much sales-figures related merriment - the 501 Carlo Cavalli designed model was introduced in 1919 and over 45,000 units were built by 1926. After experimenting with some luxurious, big engined motor cars, the Fiat 507 was introduced in 1926 at the same time as the smaller engined Fiat 503. It was based on the 505 model but with some technical modifications that included an upgraded suspension and brakes. The 507 was available as a four-door sedan and a cabriolet which shared the same torpedo-type body but the car was pulled from the market in 1927 after 3,700 models had been made, and replaced by the Fiat 520. Fiat then resumed development of its highly popular mass market models resulting in the 509; a light-weight vehicle that exceeded every previous FIAT sales record; by 1929, FIAT had sold more than 90,000 '509' cars. This 1926 FIAT 507 is believed to have been first supplied as a rolling chassis, without the body, to Northern Ireland. It was then fitted with a saloon body and not registered until August 1928; two years after manufacture. Imported from Northern Ireland in 1973, the car was then seen in the Walton Garage (Stafford) Ltd. where the vendor believes that the chassis was restored and fitted with a correct type Torpedo Touring body and finished in blue with black wings and a brown leather interior. The vendor purchased this FIAT in 2005 and, living some of the time in Italy, the car was taken there and used sparingly. Maintained by a classic FIAT specialist in Italy, the car returned to the United Kingdom only earlier this year. This very rare, restored car is supplied with a V5C registration document, MoT test certificate which expires in May 2013, the Italian registration documents, various invoices from the 1970's and a few old photographs believed to be taken in the workshops at Walton Garage. This exceptional FIAT 507 was the subject of a complete restoration to the highest of standards some time ago but has had very little use since, and having been properly maintained this car is ready to be used and enjoyed; the engine is a work of art in its own right.



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